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Top 4 Things You Need to Do Around Your Business this Fall!

Fall Season Preparation

The amazing colors that come in the fall bring a signal for homeowners and business owners alike. It is time to check a few things around the property. Preparing your business during the fall season will save you from falling into unnecessary winter repairs. Here is a list of the most important outdoor maintenances to do this fall.  


Clean those gutters you haven’t thought about in months 

We’ve all seen the miracle fix for gutters on TV that will make them maintenance free forever! But no matter what you purchased from that infomercial; gutters should still be checked seasonally. The flow in your gutter system is important for proper drainage away from your foundation. Cleaning your gutters prevents clogs that can impede water flow, and limit your potential for ice dams in the winter too. See our Winter preparation list for more information on ice dams. 


Check your rooftop 

If you haven’t checked the tree limbs around your property in a while you may have some hanging over your rooftop. With limbs hanging over your rooftop you’re adding the potential for debris and damage from falling twigs and other debris. Checking your rooftop will let you know if you need to make repairs before those repairs become a bigger problem than they need to be. This topic leads us to our next recommendation.  


Trim your overhanging trees 

Trimming the trees around your house(business) not only benefits you but also the trees. Improving the growth of the tree while limiting potential damage caused by a tree near the home. Another reason to keep limbs away from your property is to limit critters from accessing your rooftop. Your attic is a find for any small animal looking for shelter. Essentially creating a lot of unnecessary interior damage to your property. 


Clean the inside of your chimney 

Have your chimney ready when the temperature starts to drop. And I don’t know about you, but cleaning a chimney is one thing I will leave to the professionals. Check out Doctor Flues’ write-up on why chimneys need to be swept. Dr. Flue has been servicing Michigan homes for over 30 years.  


Once you get these accomplished, keep an eye out for our next blog on winter preparation!  

Should we have recommended something else? What would be in your top three? 



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