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Teacher Appreciation Week

By May 3, 2022May 4th, 2022About Worthy, Insurance, Work Culture
Worthy Insurance Celebrates Teachers

The first week in May is Teacher Appreciation Day, and our team is sharing stories about some of the teachers who have impacted their lives.


I was fortunate to have a lot of great teachers and coaches in my life who gave me their time and energy. I value all my interactions and the lessons learned from them, and there are plenty. Greg Hebden was not only a coach, but he was also a mentor in sales, business, and leadership. Greg was the type of mentor who wanted you to do it the right way, enjoy the process, and respect the game. The game wasn’t always some sort of sport or competition, the game could have been a homework assignment or a business idea, or maybe an argument with a girlfriend. I am and always will be extremely fortunate to have a teacher like Greg in my life.

– Ryan Spalding


There are so many teachers that have had a positive impact on my life, however one that will always stand out is Professor Nancy Van Hoozier at Olivet College. What stood out to me is how she would challenge you to think. She would pose things in a way that would require critical thinking and then discuss throughout the class to hear how others worked through their thought process. Some of the best discussions were in Sports Law and Sports Psychology. She was always happy to meet with you if you wanted to discuss a project or get her thoughts on an opportunity in your field. She was tough but fair, and you could always tell how much she cared about every student who came through her class. I am so thankful for the lessons taught, the challenges presented, and the guidance provided from Nancy. Thank you!

– Andy Clark


My first-grade teacher, Mrs. Pam Mellish, was always so caring and really made me love school. Thanks to her, I enjoyed learning and even wanted to be a teacher when I grew up. Even though I went a different route and did not pursue teaching, when I think back to all my teachers throughout the years, I’ll never forget the impact she had, and she will always be one of my favorites.

– Kaylee Lerch


Sr. Christine is the teacher in my life who made the biggest impact. I struggled to learn to read and quickly fell behind my peers. Sr. Christine was my third-grade teacher, and she assigned me the hardest level book in the class. She took the time to go through it with me line by line and tried her best to figure out where I was struggling. That commitment took with me, and I am still an avid reader today.

– Kayla Bet


Jordan Spalding and Mr. Goodman

I’ve been blessed to have many good teachers throughout my schooling, but there is one stands out the most.  His name is Mr. Goodman. When I first enrolled in his Marketing 101 course as a freshman, I had no idea how much time I would spend with him learning everything there was to know about business, marketing, and most importantly, life. He gave me the tools and resources I needed to flourish. He helped me realize my potential and passion for business and marketing. He taught me what it meant to have integrity. I was blessed to spend all four years of high school as his student and member of his DECA chapter. He helped me compete at the highest level in DECA, something I am proud of to this day. I will never forget the countless hours and memories I have with Mr. Goodman, I am forever grateful.

 – Jordan Spalding


In 7th grade, my English teacher Julie Ball gave me the most wonderful and purposeful foundation on how to correctly use the English language that has taken me through years of school and added to my professional career. Ms. Ball encouraged us to find personal connections to words. This included personal statements/phrases. As a fashion guru at the time, I still remember mine as “Coordination is the key to a happy life.” Still rings true in my book!

– Halima Cegur


Mr. B was my AP European History teacher in high school. He had an incredible passion for history that was contagious. It made everyone in class excited to be there and he had great tools to help us remember information. I particularly remember a puppet show he put on about the Hapsburgs. His love of history inspired me to embrace my own love of learning and I even chose History as one of my majors in college.

When my friends and I decided we wanted to make a literary magazine for the school, he became our sponsor for the club and gave us great feedback and advice. We successfully issued the school’s first literary magazine with his guidance.

Mr. B made a huge impression and really inspired all his students to love learning and express our passion for knowledge at a time where it wasn’t “cool” to do so. I will forever be grateful for the impact he made!

– Marianne Jozsi


Mr. Lundin, my 6th grade Language Arts teach was such an inspiration. Each morning we start the day by shouting as a class “it’s a great day to be alive…I can change the world!”  His presence and that sentiment has stuck with me throughout my life!

– Katie Teall


Jonathan Coy, the VP of Personal Lines, at our sister company, Vero Insurance, shares his teacher appreciation story here.



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