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Surviving a Griswold Family Christmas

How to survive a Griswold Family Christmas

Does your neighbor have 250 strands of lights and 100 individual bulbs per strand for a grand total of 25,000 imported, Italian, twinkle lights decorating their house? Then it seems your neighbor is Clark Griswold, and let’s talk about the insurance coverage you’re going to need to make it through one Griswold family Christmas.  

250 strands of lights will need to be plugged into outlets, and that is most definitely a fire hazard. Thankfully fire coverage is one of the four basic form coverages that all current insurance policies have been built upon. Your basic homeowner’s policy has you covered there. 

However, did your policy happen to take into account that Clark was going to be hanging all 250 strands himself? Spoiler alert: he has an incident with his gutter that sends ice shooting through your window and crashing directly into your top-of-the-line TV. Don’t fret just yet! Again, your homeowner’s policy will have you covered, though any property claim will be subject to your deductible. 

Clark’s cousin Eddie has shown up with his entire family, including a big ol’ dog named, Snots. Their RV is parked casually on the lawn. Maybe you choose to empathize with the Griswolds for these unexpected guests. However, that empathy will quickly evaporate when you see Cousin Eddie emptying his RV’s black tank into a storm drain. Here’s hoping that storm drain is Clark’s, but if it happens to be yours, your base homeowner’s policy will not cover any incurring damages. There is additional coverage available called Water Back-Up of Sewers and Drains. You should add it before the holidays, or you should consider moving.  

If Clark Griswold is your neighbor this holiday season be sure to cover your assets with a thorough insurance policy. Make sure to keep your medicine cabinet stocked full of Tylenol for the ensuing headaches. Here’s hoping you find a way to enjoy 25,000 imported, Italian, twinkle lights without any casualties this holiday season! (I hear Lincoln Park Zoo puts on quite a show.)  



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