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Preventative Maintenance Checklist for Your Business this Winter

Winter Season Preparation

Break out the sealers 

Starting with an odd question, how does your concrete look? Not something you get asked every day I know. But checking the concrete before winter can save you in the long run. Small cracks are typically easy enough to fix on your own without resorting to professional help. If left for too long, cracks will continue to worsen and become a tripping hazard. 


Windows and doors 

The next step is checking your windows, doors, and any other opening to outside. You can get a door insert for leaks underneath the door and break out the caulk for the rest. This step can usually be done without professional help and will benefit your home(property) all year round.  


Heating system 

I don’t mean to speak for everyone, but I certainly don’t think about the heating system until I need it. But one thing you can do before it’s cold is turn your system on to make sure everything is working properly. You can have your furnace tested to make sure it’s working properly by a professional if you’re already concerned about the health of your system. And while you’re looking at things, it wouldn’t hurt to get your ducts cleaned if you haven’t in a few years. Generally, you should clean your ducts every few years. 


Check your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors 

Every home(business) has the potential for fires and carbon monoxide leaks. Testing these devices on a regular basis will ensures you’ll know when a leak or fire happens. There are whole home options that communicate with each other or standalone models. All of them will serve their purpose in making sure your property is safe and monitored properly. 


Clean your gutters 

We included this in our fall preparation list too, but  for good reason. Having your gutters clean is important for water draining properly year-round. But when it comes to winter, there are different threats for not having proper drainage. During the winter months snow and ice will melt on your rooftop causing water to enter your gutters. Without proper drainage that water can get backed up and create what we call ice dams. Ice dams can be a hazard for many reasons. First, you create a space for ice sickles to form which can pose a threat to anyone walking underneath them. Secondly, the weight of the ice is causing stress for your rooftop. And lastly the excess amount of moisture from water not draining properly can make its way into your home causing damage to your insulation in your attic and potentially the interiors of your home.  



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