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Firework Safety Tips For 4th of July (2021)

Firework Safety

Independence Day and firework safety go hand in hand for an insurance company. But Independence Day means something different for everyone. For some, it’s about getting together with friends and family. For others, its about getting the grill out and celebrating America! But for the pyros of the world, it’s about blowing stuff up. From poppers to firecrackers, to mortars, and more. Fireworks are the main focus of their day. If you’ll be the one holding the lighter or not, read on for valuable firework safety tips.  

 Helpful items when using fireworks 

  • First aid kit and cell phone – (in case anything goes wrong) 
  • A fire extinguisher or bucket of water – (self-explanatory)
  • Plastic cups – (yes, red solo cups)
  • Cinder blocks – (more on these later) 


Demonstrate to newbies how to use sparklers 

It may seem like a no-brainer, but there are thousands of injuries each year from sparklers alone. Users should be 6 ft from anyone else while standing over a concrete area, free of dry plants. Always wear close-toed shoes when using or around fireworks. Always make sure you have a bucket of water close by if you need to put out a fire. When you’re done, make sure to put the used sparkler in water to cool it down. 

*Cool mom or dad tip* - Use a standard plastic cup to cover the sparks from hitting any hands. This tip is intended mainly for children, but you can do it too! First, cut a small slit in the bottom of the cup. Next, insert the sparkler into the bottom of the cup. Making sure the handle is on the inside and the sparkly part is outside the cup. 


Never take apart the firecracker chain!  

I will regrettably admit I did not follow proper firework safety as a teenager. Not knowing that once the chain was disassembled, there’s no getting it back together. For those who don’t know, some wicks burn slowly, and others burn very, very fast. Lighting a firecracker like this is extremely dangerous. You’re not giving yourself enough time to light the firework and give yourself a safe distance away from the firecracker. Please keep the chain together and/or buy appropriate fireworks according to your objective. 


Keep a Safe Distance 

We all know what happens when an aerial firework goes sideways; nothing good. So it’s always good to give yourself adequate space away from the launch site or anyone using a firework. Of course, every firework will have a different recommended distance for proper safety. But the usual recommendations will be 6ft away from others while using sparkler and the like, 35 feet for fountains, and around 150ft for any aerial fireworks. 


Utilize cinder blocks 

I’ve seen fireworks fall over and fire sideways towards a crowd. I can guarantee you that these firework safety tips were not being followed. It’s recommended to put cinder blocks on each side of your tube, bracing it for security. Making sure the opening between the cinder blocks is away from your audience. If the tube does fall, it’s almost guaranteed to fire away from anyone watching. 


Never light any explosive fireworks in your hand 

This firework safety tip seems like a no-brainer, but it’s how most firework-related injuries happen. Lighting a firework in your hand raises the risk of injury substantially compared to lighting it from a safe and secure location. You may think it’s ok to light it in your hand because it’s a small firecracker. But even small firecrackers can cause bodily harm. A fuse can burn quicker than anticipated, or a fuse may not work the first time. Thus, making you want to try lighting it again, which brings us to our final tip. 


Never try to light a firework twice 

We’ve all seen it happen. When someone attempts to light a roman candle, but it doesn’t work. And they try to light it again, but from the smaller fuse that’s leftover. Please do not be this person and recommend others don’t either. If it doesn’t work the first time, take the safe route and throw it away. The excitement of that firework exploding isn’t worth a trip to the hospital. 


The 4th of July is meant to be celebrated in honor of our national Independence. And we hope you use these firework safety tips to make your 2021 4th of July an overall success. Have a happy Independence Day from everyone here at Worthy Insurance. 


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