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A Christmas Carol: Slip, Trip, & Fall Edition

A Christmas Carol has been told many ways, but has it ever been done like this?

Twas the night before Christmas and Ebenezer Scrooge and his staff were working late, trying to get all the final orders straight. With the moving of boxes and boxes galore, snow had melted all over the floor. Employees time after time requested more mats by the gates, we all know Scrooge to be a man of no-good fateHe would say no need for a well-placed rug, and then just let out his trademark bah humbug.” On this very day, Tiny Tim’s father slipped and fell, letting out an incredibly painful yell.  

With the injury now happened, and his leg now wound, Scrooge was terrified that his worker’s comp policy was still not bound. With his poor safety standards on full display, he was worried that his premiums would skyrocket, and his wallet would pay.   That night Scrooge’s nerves woke him in the middle of the night, and boy was he panicked by such a spooky sight. At the foot of his bed stood a specter with a ghostly glow, uttering “I am the ghost of workplace safety, strange name I know… 

Placing mats by the doors to prevent slip and fallswill keep your employees still able to deck the halls. It’s the season of giving you should know, so make sure salt is available to help melt the snow. But even with these added provisions, you should not be the only one to make decisions. Having a suggestion box placed for added communication, can really improve your safety evasion. You can put up flyers promoting your new safety plan. I’m sure their ideas can be a real grand slam! 

Scrooge stopped for a second, pondered a bit, he knew if he tried, he could have these changes lickety-split. Still, being the man he was, he needed more convincing to care. The ghost annoyed with this, let out a somber, cold glare. The ghost uttered “You’re just being thick headed. Safety programs and injury programs are a cost savings method. 

 According to studies done by none other than OSHA, programs like theirs keep loss time per claim low, keeping injured employees away from their sofa. Also, their studies show claim cost and amount of claims go way on the decrease, these are time and time again proven techniques. Scrooge’s eyes lit up after hearing this news. These were certainly facts he couldn’t refuse. All of this sounds like the ultimate win-win. Come December 26th he knew to begin.  

With that the ghostly presence now gone, and Scrooge’s priorities now changed for the better. He went and put on his warmest of Christmas sweaters.  As for now Scrooge put safety of his employees on his list of cares, and for all you readers Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!



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