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Worthy Services

Worthy Insurance Group knows your business - if we don’t, we will not rest until we have learned it inside and out.
We have serviced many healthcare and small business accounts since 2005 and take pride in our hands-on approach.
Based on the complexity of your insurance needs, your account manager will examine your business and determine
visitations by our risk management team in order to stay current on changes in your business and to keep you
up-to-date on insurance industry changes. Your account manager will also coordinate services with your insurance carrier,
such as claim reviews, loss prevention surveys, environmental safety testing and risk management. If you are ready to
make the Worthy Insurance change, contact a team member today.

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Risk Management

While all insurance is considered a form of risk management, Worthy Insurance would like to take your risk management and loss prevention a step further. Worthy Insurance is proud to offer additional Risk Management services at no additional cost. Worthy Insurance Risk Management department uses a series of tools utilized by experienced professionals for insurance certificate tracking, overseeing claims management, providing creative loss control recommendations, and ensuring vendor compliance. If you are ready to take your third-party claims prevention to the next level, contact a Worthy Insurance representative today.

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Compliance Department

Worthy Insurance is proud to offer a strong compliance program to better serve your business and insurance needs. Our insurance certificate tracking and vendor compliance program maximizes risk management capabilities to ensure that your vendors are carrying insurance, as specified in your contractual agreements. This program will help save your company invaluable time and money. Tracking down certificates of insurance from your vendors is not a worthwhile use of your staff’s time. Let Worthy Insurance adopt these responsibilities using our automated system to reach out to your vendors, review for compliance, and notify vendors of compliance issues. At your end-of-year audit, Worthy Insurance will be able to reduce the time your company spends on gathering insurance certificates; we will have them on file and readily available for submission. By utilizing the Worthy Insurance compliance department, your business can focus on just that: your business and customers. With Worthy by your side, you can focus on growing your business and leave the rest to us. Our clients are encouraged to rest easy with the knowledge that Worthy Insurance is standing beside them every step of the way.

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Risk Control

Loss control is composed of many different parts, including identifying exposures to a business and finding creative ways to prevent those exposures through well-crafted insurance coverage. Worthy Insurance accomplishes this by conducting onsite visits and reviewing claims experience to identify patterns and problems, and construct solutions that prevent those same problems from occurring.

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Claims Management

Worthy Insurance provides the help you need when you need it. Whenever you or your company experiences a loss, Worthy will reach out to the carrier on your behalf to report the claim. We will also follow up when necessary to ensure the insurance carrier is providing you with the best and expedient service possible. If you ever feel that you’re being treated unfairly, Worthy Insurance will be on your side to make sure that your policy is providing the coverage you paid for. In addition, we can also provide monthly loss runs to ensure that your records are always up to date and complete.

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