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Your Company’s Online Presence and Potential Hires

Online Presence and Hiring

How potential hires view your social media and online presence 

Whether someone is actively looking for a new career or just scrolling through their timeline, a business’s online presence can be a great tool to attract new hires. Gone are the days that people had to spend 3-6 months at a company to see the environment around the office. You can go to a business’s Facebook or LinkedIn to gain insight into their company culture. With some internet investigating you can find out if they do company outings, Happy Hours, Lunch ‘n Learns, and best of all, actually enjoy spending time together.   

Potential Hires will check out your social media accounts. Here are some things that they may look for that you will want to keep up to date to attract strong candidates. 


  • Do you have a Social Media presence? – Do you have business pages on every platform? The majority of social media users utilize Facebook, but don’t forget about LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or our favorite…TikTok!  
  • Do you keep them updated? – Have you changed office locations? Are business hours different than pre-COVID? Make sure you update all of your pages, so candidates get a full picture of your organization.  
  • Do you post frequently? – When a prospective candidate is perusing your business page, you want to have plenty of content for them to look over. Everything from blogs to company outings are a great way to provide insight into your business and company culture.  
  • Is there strong engagement? – Candidates will be paying attention to likes, comments and shares on your content. Do you have a solid engagement from your employee’s, clients and vendors? Candidates will use this as an indication of what to expect if they join your company. 
  • Make sure to be genuine – The content you are sharing should be reflective of your company. It’s important that the fit is good for both your company and the candidate. You don’t want a new hire to be surprised by the culture once they are actually working with your team. One way to maintain a genuine image online is to use your own team, your own office, and your own events for content!   




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