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Worthy Wednesday ~ How do you practice self-care?

How do you practice self care?

During mandated quarantine, my roommate and I tried to come up with a million different things to do, so we weren’t bored out of our minds.  We ordered games to be sent to the apartment, watched everything imaginable on our streaming services, even sat in complete silence for many hours, and took plenty of naps to try and pass the time.  What we forgot to prioritize, though, was self-care.  Our mental health was deteriorating from being cooped up inside with nowhere to go.  Coronavirus isn’t leaving just because the new year is starting, and with the cold winter months, it’s important to take care of yourself.  Here are our favorite “self-care” practices to help keep ourselves happy!  

Ryan  Houseparty with Marianne and her friends  

Scott – My friends and I do weekly movie nights to stay connected  

Amy – Online shop, spending quality time with my family, and playing games  

Marianne – Read books!  

Fred – Spending more quality time with my family with fewer distractions and revisiting my elementary and high school education while trying to help my kids during home school. 

Sara – Taking a bubble bath while listening to my favorite playlist.  

Halima – Yoga!! I have been wanting to do it for years and finally found the time!  

Nadine – Trying new recipes from Kitchen Stories, binge-watching classic sitcoms, walking to the farthest coffee shop, and decluttering house space. 

Claire – Taking incredibly long showers until the hot water runs out, buying everything I don’t need on Amazon, obnoxiously Facetiming my mom every few hours, and watching This Is Us. 

Katie – Working out has been my go-to as of late and my attempt to finding my inner crafty side with my kids. 

Andy – Cooking and listening to music/podcasts. 

Kelsey – Face masks, gardening, and trying new local takeout 

Jason – Going for walks and bike rides, cooking, binge on Chicago Fire and Chicago PD, and calling my family. 

Kaylee – Going on runs with my dogs (and by runs, I mean they run, and we walk), keeping my local winery in business, and online shopping. 

Jon – Snacking all day, playing with my kids, and late-night movies  

Taylor – Working out, spending time with my dog, therapy sessions, painting, and ordering Grubhub.   


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