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Worthy Wednesday ~ Favorite Winter Activities

Favorite winter activities

With winter here and COVID a stir, it’s important to remain in high spirits.  Even with snow, it is still possible to go outside and get some fresh air.  Just make sure to bundle up.  Here are the Worthy team’s favorite winter activities.  

Halima: My favorite winter activity is watching the outside from the inside. Picture beautiful snow falling on trees and kids frolicking in the snow.  I love a classic ski lodge vibe without the actual skiing-just cozy sweaters and hot chocolate.  

Amy: We love making gingerbread houses, and my great-grandma’s famous recipe – iced sugar cookies! When it snows, we go sledding at the forest preserve.  

Nadine: Grab a tumbler with a warm drink, like mulled wine or turmeric latte, and wander around the streets admiring decorations that are put together in the neighborhoods. 

Marianne: won’t get to do it this year, but every year my best friend and I go to Christkindl market downtown. We love to eat German food and drink Gluhwein while we look at all the shops!  

Claire:  When I have time, I love to go snowboarding.  I also love driving around looking at Christmas lights and making peanut butter blossom cookies.   

Ryan:  Coaching basketball in the area and heading somewhere warm for a few days. 

Sara:  Staying inside, making chili, and watching football every Sunday. 

Jason:  Complain about the cold.  Not my favorite, but I seem to do it a lot.  

Katie: Listening to Christmas music as soon as it gets cold outside, and binge baking/eating pies and cookies.  

Fred: Drinking peppermint mocha lattes, hot chocolate, and sledding with my kids. 

Kaylee: Watching at least one Christmas movie each night in December, listening to Christmas music all day, baking cookies and pastries, and occasionally going ice fishing. 

Jon: Staying in, watching movies and college basketball/football 

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