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Worthy Votes for Coolest Michigan Products

Our team took part in choosing their favorite products made in Michigan, here’s what they had to say about their choices.

Jon Coy

DB Delivery Solutions (www.dbdeliverysolutions.com) – As someone who survives through Amazon purchases…this is a game-changer for MI weather. Sunny with a 100% chance of it changing 3 times throughout the day.


Pete Martin

Speedrack Products Group LTD (www.speedrack.net). They’ve been around for 66 years and they were the first to create a tubular system that is much stronger than other typical open column designs. With my past work experience, I know that many businesses could benefit from their products for a safer warehouse and/or workspace.


Amanda Sharpe 

I feel like the obvious answer here is Bell’s Brewery with Oberon (www.bellsbeer.com). There is an entire day based around the launch of this product, people come from all over to buy it, and Sweetwater’s (a Kalamazoo donut shop) even sells an Oberon donut on launch day! It might be hometown bias, but an ice-cold Oberon with a slice of orange on a warm spring day is sheer perfection.


Nadine Kuznetsova

Domico Med-Device (www.domicomed.com) –  I am fascinated by any modern medical tools and solutions, in this case, the description says that the adapter “eliminates the need for open brain surgery.” Who would not want to avoid this thrilling experience?


Katie Teal

Downey’s Potato Chips (www.downeyspotatochips.com) – Um, it’s potato chips, only the best food out there! They should be served with every meal.
Hudsonville Ice Cream – Literally a family favorite my entire life, Deer Traxx is where it’s at!


Kaylee Lerch

Wareologie Portable PT Parallel Bars (www.wareologie.com)- This could be very useful if someone needs PT but doesn’t have the means to commute multiple times a week to a PT center or so they don’t have to stay at a rehab center while receiving their therapy needs. I like that a travel therapist could bring their equipment from house to house while visiting patients. These could also be useful in older nursing homes where they might not have room for a dedicated “gym”, the therapists could set this up and help residents improve their mobility and quality of life by staying mobile a few times a week.


Taylor Sabres

I’m going with The Halo (www.justlight.com). After spending over a year and a half in a Global Pandemic the importance of washing hands is more than evident and the reality is that towel drying, air dryers, etc are not always the most thorough option… it’s kinda wild to see that Light can now be used to clean. I’d want to know more about the greenness of the product, but it does result in less water being used.


Andy Clark

Domico Med-Device is really fascinating! (www.domicomed.com) Fenton is close to home and the technology eliminates the need for open brain surgery in an OR thereby reducing patient recovery times and post-op infection risks. It is wonderful to see such amazing work being done in your own backyard.


Halima Cegur

Spending summers as a kid on the Great Lakes is near and dear to my heart! Now, I would love to spend them on an amazing cruising yacht by Van Dam Custom Boats (www.vandamboats.com). Absolutely gorgeous!


Amy Merced

Van Dam Custom Wooden Boats (www.vandamboats.com). With beautiful handcrafted vintage-style boats and yachts you can custom design and experience the whole process from beginning to end. Something unique that is sure to impress.


Jason Green

Connor Sports (www.connorsports.com) – They produce some of the most iconic courts in basketball, including the floor for NCAA Final Four, the Carrier Classic – the only basketball game to be played on a US Naval Aircraft Carrier!


Marianne Jozsi

Great Lakes Potato Chip (www.greatlakespotatochips.com) – These are delicious kettle cooked chips that are so well seasoned with exactly the right amount of salt. I love that I can now find them at grocery stores when I visit my grandmother in Wisconsin too!


Husna Butt

Halo (www.justlight.com) – I think this is a great product given the current state of the pandemic. Every winter washing your hands or using sanitizer constantly can be really rough on the hands. Not to mention anti-bacterial chemicals can be bad for the environment. This device eliminates the needs for those chemicals and water.


Scott Greenburg

Great Lakes Potato Chip (www.greatlakespotatochips.com) – I am always a sucker for kettle cooked chips. Love all the crunchy goodness.


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