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Worthy Company Culture

Have you ever dreaded going into work, not because you dislike the actual work you’re doing, but because you can’t bear to go into the office, see your coworkers or your boss, and act like you’re happy?  Thankfully, that is the exact opposite of what it’s like going into work at Worthy every day.  Whether we are working from home during a mandated lockdown or able to come into the office, we all thoroughly enjoy our company’s culture.  Not only do we enjoy the culture, but we enjoy each other, too 

Whenever we walk into the office in the morning, the friendly hellos and “How was your weekend?” start pouring out.  Don’t get me wrong; we are very hard workers and get many things done throughout the day. Still, we take an interest in each other’s lives outside of the office.  We know each other’s families and friends and sometimes socialize together outside of work. 

We have outings quarterly as a group to have some team bonding.  We do one almost every season; a spring outing, summer outing, fall outing, and a holiday party at the end of the year.   This year for our summer outing, we had a field day and played games together outdoors such as cornhole, ladder golf, and balloon tosses.  For our fall outing, we carved pumpkins. Even though we had to cancel an in-person holiday party due to COVID, our team is still planning a virtual event so we can all get together and celebrate the holidays. 

Worthy’s culture is unlike any other.  We are all compassionate, hard-working, driven individuals who know how to have fun, and genuinely care about each other’s lives.  Don’t believe me?  See for yourself!  If you are a driven, hard-working, compassionate individual, apply to become a part of our unique team below. 



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Worthy Insurance is a niche broker with a focus on providing insurance placement and risk management services to the Healthcare, Manufacturing, Social Service, and Main Street business communities. Here at Worthy Insurance, we love to provide you with exciting and fun articles to learn more about insurance and how it impacts your life. Visit our other blogs to find more information.

While Worthy does offer a wide variety of insurance coverages, our main coverages include: property coverageworker’s compensation insurancegeneral liabilityprofessional liability, and cybersecurity coverage. To find out the best coverages for your company, use the contact form below so you can be at ease knowing your company is covered.