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What We Wish We Knew About Insurance…


We asked our team to tell us something they didn’t know about insurance before working in insurance. Here is what they said!

Husna Butt, Claims Advocate, responded, “Insurance covers defense costs and many carriers have a long list of preapproved counsel.”

On a similar note, Marianne Jozsi, VP of Risk Management, wishes that she had known insurance policies are legal contracts and that those contracts can give you rights as well as limit them. Insurance is legally binding! (…so it is a good thing they also cover defense costs and provide lists of counsel!)

Andy Clark, VP of Commercial Lines, wishes he knew just how significant effective risk management programs can be on employee retention and business success. A safe work environment is always good for company morale!

Amy Merced, Client Service Specialist, also wishes she had known how much responsibility falls on insurance agencies to educate insureds about their unique risks.

Most risk management tools that are implemented in certain healthcare facilities are the result of the facility’s insurance agents or carrier. Kaylee Lerch, Client Service Specialist, always assumed these standards came from administrators or facility owners.

Ryan Spalding, CEO, wishes he’d known that banks and other lenders often have insurance requirements that are unnecessary because they themselves don’t fully understand what they require of their borrowers. It always helps to do your research and there’s no such thing as too much! The economy relies on insurance more than most people know.

Jon Coy, VP of Commercial Lines, just wishes he had known how integral a strong network is especially in the insurance industry. You never know who will have an answer for you!

Did you know that different coverages are needed for items that travel across the ocean and also hit dry land? That big boat needs Ocean Marine when floating and Property in Transit once on land. Traci Wright, Account Manager, reminded our entire team of this gem!

And Jordan Spalding, VP of Commercial Lines, wishes he had known your grave plot and headstone are typically included within a homeowner’s policy. Someone trips on that plot in the cemetery, and you could be the one legally liable for any lawsuit.

The more you know, the more you can understand, and the more you can fully utilize your existing insurance coverages. We’re always here to help you learn!



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