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What type of insurance does my restaurant need?

Especially during the Coronavirus, it is important to support local businesses.  Luckily, this was no match for my boyfriend and I as we love visiting new restaurants that are locally owned.  The “cool kids” call it being a foodie, but truthfully, we just like to eat great food!  I mean, who doesn’t like to enjoy a good meal only made in the town you’re in?  A few times, we have been able to meet the owner which makes the meal way more enjoyable.  Becoming an entrepreneur and owning a business is an exciting step in one’s life.  While it is exhilarating, it is quite eye-opening to all that goes on behind the scenes, such as finances, planning, and insurance. 

Knowing which insurance policies your restaurant needs is a vital part of making sure everything runs smoothly.  So, what insurance policies do you need?  

1. General Liability Insurance 

This protects you and your business should your products cause bodily harm to a third party or their property. 

2. Property Insurance  

The physical structure of your restaurant needs to be insured should anything happen to it such as fire, smoke, vandalism, or the like.  It also covers your “office supplies” such as your ovens, cutting boards, or utensils. 

3. Worker’s Compensation  

A worker’s compensation policy covers your employees in the case of an accident in the workplace injuring them while they are on the clock 

4. Directors and Officers Insurance 

Directors and officers insurance covers the directors and officers of your restaurant should their actions while on the job affect the profitability or operations of the bakery. 

5. Cyber Security  

If your restaurant stores its information on employees or customers on digital files, cybersecurity is needed in case of a data breach. 

6. Auto Liability  

Auto liability coverage for a business is there to protect your employees and vehicles, and others that might be involved in an incident.  If your delivery driver accidentally gets into a car accident while out delivering an order, there can be coverage afforded if the policy is adequately written. 


To make sure you are fully covered and to better understand each insurance policy, fill out the contact form below and Worthy will reach out to you.  


Interested in learning more? Please email us at or call 773-945-6000 

Worthy Insurance is a niche broker with a focus on providing insurance placement and risk management services to the Healthcare, Manufacturing, Social Service, and Main Street business communities. Here at Worthy Insurance, we love to provide you with exciting and fun articles to learn more about insurance and how it impacts your life. Visit our other blogs to find more information. 

While Worthy does offer a wide variety of insurance coverages, our main coverages include: property coverage, worker’s compensation insurance, general liability,professional liability, and cybersecurity coverage. To find out the best coverages for your company, use the contact form below so you can be at ease knowing your company is covered. 



What type of insurance does my bakery need?