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What am I suppose to do during a power outage?

What am I suppose to do during a power outage?

When you were younger, did you ever experience a power outage and the terror of suddenly losing all electricity? You couldn’t see anything at night, it was cold, you may have even had to sleep in the living room with a roaring fire in the fireplace…  The only reason you were okay throughout the power outage was because your parents knew what to do, or at least acted like they did.  Now it’s our turn to make sure we know what to do during a power outage, so our family members feel safe and protected.  

With the crazy storms we have been having lately, it comes as no surprise that people may experience a power outage.  Power outages can happen for many reasons such as a large snowstorm, strong gusts of winds, or hailstorms. Even squirrels can cause power outages!  In fact, squirrels and other rodent friends cause 10-20% of all power outages.  So, what should you do should when there is a power outage?   

Find out if it is just your home or others around you.  If you can find out whether it is just affecting your home, then it may be something with your own personal electricity.  You could try going to your breaker box and seeing if a fuse was blown.  If it is your entire street or the whole community, there’s a good chance it has to do with the power lines. Many service providers allow you to check local outages on their website. 

Unplug all your devices.  When devices are plugged in, there is a good chance you could blow the fuse or cause surge damage once the power comes back on.  Large or sensitive devices that are hard to reach should have surge protectors on them, such as your refrigerator, washing machines, and oven. 

Keep refrigerator and freezer doors closed.  This is to help keep the cold air in them as long as possible, especially if you’re unsure when the power will come back on.  If you are worried about your food going bad and you have snow outside, putting your items outside and covering with snow will help to keep them cool.  

Dress warm.  If you live in the Midwest, you more than likely already have a backup pair of gloves in your car should you get stuck in the snow during the winter.  The same thing goes for indoors during a power outage.  Dress in as many layers and blankets as you deem fit to keep yourself and your pets warm.  

Have a stock of batteries and candles.  It is a great idea to always have batteries on hand as well as flashlights.  Keep them in an accessible spot should your home be dark, making it hard to maneuver around.  You can light the candles for extra warmth, too.  (And the obvious ambiance and fresh smells!) 


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