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Top 10 Bizarre Insurance Claims

Filing insurance claims can be annoying and stressful.  Knowing the appropriate forms to fill out, who to submit them to, and not knowing if your premiums are going to increase, leave many people wondering why they even bother with insurance to begin with.  One of the most interesting parts about insurance is the ridiculous claims or absurd things or objects people insure.  Here are 10 of the most bizarre insurance claims.  We hope you’re ready! 

#10: Burglary Mishaps  

A family was on vacation and unfortunately, their house got robbed.  While the burglar was trying to escape through the garage, he got locked inside for a week.  He was able to escape when the family got home, however, he ended up suing the family for mental anguish and was awarded $1 million.  

#9: Twins  

Lloyds of London has an insurance policy called Multiple Births Coverage. This coverage is designed to protect parents if they conceive and deliver multiples such as twins or triplets.  A couple had purchased the insurance for twins, gave birth, repurchased, and ended up having another set of twins. 

#8: Unusual Assets  

If you’re a celebrity, you can insure almost anything for a price.  For Jennifer Lopez, she decided to have her tail end insured for a whopping $27 million.  

#7: Promotional Coverage  

Having coverage for promotions or events is a fairly common occurrence.  A jewelry company in North Carolina once offered to refund $500,000 in sales if their town got more than 3 inches of snow on Christmas.  Lucky for the city of Wilmington, they got 8 inches of snow on Christmas Day. 

#6: Alien Invasion  

If you believe in aliens, better yet an alien abduction, you may want to purchase Alien Abduction Insurance from the St. Lawrence Agency in Florida.  If you have been abducted and can prove it, they will pay you $1/year until death or for one million years.  If you ask me, $1 per year is not worth the hassle.   

#5: Travel Insurance  

Losing your bags while on vacation is also a common occurrence.  What about losing your dentures?  One man was on a cruise and lost his dentures at sea while vomiting over the side of the boat.  He filed a travel insurance claim and, thankfully, his insurance complied.  

#4: Quite the Expensive Taste  

Being a food critic can be extremely entertaining and filling! Since it is Egon Ronay’s entire career, he took it in his best interest to insure his taste buds for $393,000. 

#3: Bye Bye Razors  

Hair is hair, right?  Wrong.  Singer Tom Jones believes his chest hair is extremely valuable to him.  So much so, he insured his chest hair for a solid $7,000,000…  Thankfully, Lloyds of London agreed to issue an insurance policy for him. 

#2: Coconuts Galore  

The Travel Agency Club Direct decided they should start including coverage for injuries caused by falling coconuts.  Falling coconuts kill 150 people annually.  A police officer was awarded $39,000 for a head injury from a falling coconut.  

#1: Birthing an iPhone  

A farmer once filed a claim for a lost iPhone.  He says he was helping his livestock give birth one night and lost the phone.  He claims the phone was lost inside the cow, and the insurance company paid the claim in full.  



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