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Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving 2020 and Skokie Insurance Company

Here at Worthy, family is of great value to us.  That’s why we wanted to share our favorite Thanksgiving traditions with each other and all of you.  Thanksgiving is a time of peace and gathering to reflect on the year and all that we are thankful for.  Whether you celebrate with a big family, a small family, or none, I’m sure everyone has some sort of Thanksgiving tradition.  Here are some of ours that we wanted to share with you! 

Ryan – My mom’s green bean casserole.  And watching the Lions lose every year.  

Claire – The collective cousin naps in the family room after dinner.  We all find a spot either on the couch or the floor, watch football, and eventually all fall asleep for a few hours.  Don’t worry, we wake up just in time for dessert. 

Halima – Setting up our Christmas tree Thanksgiving weekend. 

Sara – Life gets busy, spending time with extended family from out of town that I don’t get to see very often is what really makes the holiday’s special to me. 

Jon – For roughly 10 years my wife and I have always stopped at Speedway to get Jalapeno Cheddar Tornados on the way to dinner.  We now have included our two daughters in on it.   

Katie – Eating the stuffing.  It’s a recipe that’s been in the family for generations and still tastes just like how Grandma used to make it.  

Marianne – Eating the stuffing, as well.  My mom has a great recipe with sausage and onion and only makes it at Thanksgiving. 

Kelsey – Every year my mom, sister, and I have a “thankful tree” decoration.  We add the best thing of the year and keep adding onto it.  

Taylor – My family would go to Sinnissippi Christmas Tree Farm the Friday after and cut down our Christmas tree.  

Jason – Before we moved to Chicago, my wife and I would drive to Detroit the day after Thanksgiving and play Whirlyball with my brother, his wife, and her family.  We’d then go to one of their houses to play board games and eat some snacks.  Also watching the Lions lose within the first half and then taking a nap during the second half.  

Kaylee – Always getting everyone together. We have a huge family, and even after everyone has moved out, we all still travel to have thanksgiving together.  

Andy – Enjoying company with family over food and card games. Euchre is usually the go to, and it can get quite competitive 

Amy – Going around the table and sharing with the family all we are thankful for, and also eating sweet potato casserole! 



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