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We’ve got a secret for small business owners.

Small business owners and finding the best coverage

A secret for small business owners. 

2020 has been extremely hard.  There have been many times we have asked ourselves if we would make it through mentally, physically, or financially.  If you’re a small business owner, the thought of making it through this year financially is more than likely on your mind 24/7.  Will you be able to stay open because of the mandates?  Are customer’s even going to come in?  Should you create a website to sell your products if you didn’t have one beforehand?  What if I told you I have a secret that can help you save money in a way you didn’t know was possible?  Your insurance.  I know this sounds crazy, but there is a way to save money on your insurance premium because of good reviews left by customers.  


Discounts are available for businesses that have top management and customer service.  When an insurance company knows your management is high quality and takes care of their clients, they take care of their clients, too.  When customers are happy, especially from small businesses, they tend to leave reviews online through their website, Google, or Yelp.  These good reviews not only help you gain more clientele but also can lower your insurance premium.  These reviews help validate that your company has excellent customer service, and sometimes, reviews also mention top-notch management.  

To see if you qualify, go to your Google, Yelp, Facebook page to see what your reviews are. If you have a 4-star average or above, send the link to, and we will advocate on your behalf for these discounts. 

Know a business owner with a highly rated business? Send them this article or send us a message to and tell us why you love their business. We will reach out to them, letting us know you sent us their way and what you love about their business. 


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While Worthy does offer a wide variety of insurance coverages, our main coverages include: property coverageworker’s compensation insurancegeneral liabilityprofessional liability, and cybersecurity coverage. To find out the best coverages for your company, use the contact form below so you can be at ease knowing your company is covered.



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