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Respiratory Care Week

By October 28, 2020Health, Self Care
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Respiratory Care Week  

October 26th – October 31st is National Respiratory Care Week.  This week provides the public with information on keeping a healthy respiratory system while also recognizing the fantastic doctors, nurses, therapists, and assistants who work in the respiratory care field.  In 1943, Dr. Edwin Levine created a program at Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago, providing on-the-job training to respiratory therapists in assisting patients’ respiratory needs post-surgery.  In 1973, this program became the organization known as the American Association for Respiratory Care, or AARC.   

Respiratory Care Week aims to bring awareness and reduce the severity of asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and has special events, lectures, and seminars dedicated to providing information on how to minimize lung conditions and even prevent them.  These preventions are geared towards cigarettes and now vaporizers that have affected young teens.  

Interesting Facts About Your Respiratory System 

  1. The common cold is compromised for 200+ viruses.  
  2. You can release up to 0.59 fluid ounces of water per hour when you breathe out.  
  3. When your lungs are opened and laid out, they are roughly 160 square meters, or the size of a tennis court.  
  4. Between 1930 and 1940, people saw asthma as psychosomatic and got treatment from psychotherapists if they had asthma.  
  5. Our noses work as filters, heaters, and humidifiers for our respiratory system. 


Check out our Healthy Lung Month blog for preventative tips on keeping your respiratory system healthy!  

Healthy Lung Month

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