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HR Headaches – Organization

Organization within Human Resources

Organization is a huge part of any role in a professional setting.  Managing your time, making sure things are neat and orderly, and readily knowing where things are adds to the success of you and your company.  While being an HR representative, organization takes high precedence.  It can be hard to organize everything from physical documents to electronic, but it is a necessity.  Here are some small ways we’ve found can immensely help in keeping you organized.

Have a filing cabinet

This may seem like a no-brainer, but many offices do not have a filing cabinet just for their employees.  This cabinet should only be accessible to HR employees and upper-level management.  It is also good to organize the files within the cabinet to each department and alphabetically within those departments.

Plan out your week

With a desk or a wall calendar, plan out your week.  Write down important dates that things are due and prioritize the items on your list for the week.  It is a great way to stay on top of pressing tasks. It also helps when you are deciding on what you are working on each day.


If you are unsure what items need to be tackled first or feel you do not have enough time to complete assigned tasks, ask for help.  Asking your boss what they would like prioritized can be a huge stress release off of yourself.  Employers often are impressed when they find employees taking the initiative to communicate about priorities and timelines, even if that conversation advises them that said employee has too much on their plate.  That way things will be done on time and they are not waiting for documents or information they need.

Empower your employees

Empowering your employees to make decisions on their own and to communicate effectively is a key part of being successful in any leadership position. Empowering your employees not only makes them feel valuable but that they are trusted.  They are more likely to excel in their own work but are also more willing to help coworkers with their tasks.  When the whole company works together, it makes the job of the HR department much easier.



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