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Get To Know Your Customer Day

Get to know your customer day

Have you ever loved a company so much not even because of the product or services they offer, but because they took the time to get to know you and your needs?  Today, January 21st, is get to know your customer dayHere at Worthy, we all value not only our own team members but our customers tooWithout them, we wouldn’t even be in business.  Getting to know your customers is so important.  It helps to form business client relationships that last, which helps them stay your customer for a long period of time.  I personally have recommended several companies to my friends and family solely based on the fact I had a good interaction with the employees there.  When getting to know your customer, you don’t want to seem overbearing or pushy.  The trick is, how do I even do that?  

Follow them on social media  

Following your clients on social media is a great way to build interaction with them.  You can see what they are up to in either their business or their personal life and help promote things going on within their company.   

Take them out for meals  

Everyone loves a good meal spent with nice company.  Taking your clients out for lunch or dinner in a relaxed fashion can ease the awkwardness.  You’re not alone with them in a stuffed conference room and get to enjoy food, too.  

Get their feedback 

Whether it is from reviews or simply just an email asking if they enjoyed their interaction and/or products/services with you, reviews help not just your relationship, but your company.  You can figure out what’s working and what isn’t working as well as help your customer be completely satisfied.   

You can even turn a negative interaction into a positive one by asking for feedback to help better clients’ experiences.  

Meet your clients at their convenience 

Going to their office space or their restaurant of choice makes them comfortable. It is also important to ask them what their preferred method of communication is? Would they rather receive a phone call, email, or text? Maybe they only use WhatsApp, and you are continually trying to reach them by email, making the connection difficult for both sides Building business relationships is all about comfortability and great communication 


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