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Communicating as Restrictions Lift

By September 30, 2020COVID-19
COVID-19 Restrictions and Insurance Coverage

Most states are beginning to lift some restrictions.  This is making more and more people long for their “normal” back.  While it can be stressful and tiring, it is important to maintain good communication.  Residents, employees, and their families more than likely have a lot of questions about how you are going to continue to keep their families safe in the changing environment.  It’s important to maintain good communication with them to relieve their stress and worry.  It is also important to communicate what your current restrictions are and if they’re going to become less stringent as cases in your area decrease.  Remind them of why you have these policies in place, instead of focusing on still cannot do certain things.

While maintaining good communication, remind your residents, employees, and families of all the good your company does.  The world is a cruel place right now, and everyone could use some positive news.  Share these across social media,  in an e-mail newsletter, or post it around the facility

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