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Chubb Charity Challenge – Nathan Davis

By August 30, 2021Insurance
Chubb Charity Challenge - Nathan Davis

Who is your favorite golfer?

My favorite golfer would have to be Jordan Spieth. He comes across as the most regular yet professional golfer.


Describe the best round of golf you’ve ever had.

My best round of golf would have to be when I shot an 86 at a local golf course here in Illinois. It was one of those days where you have no distractions, and you feel like you’re firing on all cylinders.


What is your dream golf trip?

My dream trip would have to be Pebble Beach or Augusta, they would be a pleasure to play on.


Who would be on your dream foursome?

To start with I’d say Bryson DeChambeau, he has a very unique approach to the game. I feel like he’s someone you can learn a lot from. As I mentioned before, Jordan Spieth would have to be included.  And lastly, I’d have to say tiger Woods, he’s a legend.


Have you ever made a hole in one?

I have come very close a few times, but I haven’t gotten a hole in one quite yet.


Which aspect of the game have you been focusing on to prepare for this Chubb Charity tournament?

The tempo of my game could use improvement. Also, consistency off the tee by keeping my driver straight.


What would winning this tournament mean to you?

Winning would be exciting to support the charity, but winning isn’t everything. The joy of playing is what it’s all about for me.


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