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Chubb Charity Challenge – Jon Joy

By August 27, 2021August 30th, 2021About Worthy, Charity
Chubb Charity Challenge - Jon Coy

What does golf mean to you? 

Ben Hogan. 

Who is your favorite golfer? 

I feel as though it’s cheating to say Tiger Woods. So I’ll go with my alternate choice, Phil Mickelson. He is successful, relatable, funny, and genuine. He has one of the best TikTok accounts out there, and if you haven’t seen it, go check him out. All you must know about Phil is his famous quote, “hit bombs, attack the pin.” 

What is the best round of golf you’ve ever played? 

My best full round was this summer. We gather 16 friends and host a Ryder Cup style golf tournament each year. This year we went to Manistee National Golf & Resort. In the first of four rounds, we played a two-person best ball at The Revenge, and pre-match it looked like it would be pretty close. A few chip-ins and 30-foot putts later, my partner and I shot a solid 74 and took all the points for our team. Personally, shooting an 82, it’s a bit haunting knowing I left quite a few strokes out there with four double bogies. 

What would be your dream golf trip? 

For years my dream trip has been Pebble Beach. The idea of playing on the coast and likely losing $100 in balls seemed perfect. That was until this summer watching Phil and Bryson battling at Moonlight Basin in Montana. The course was pristine, the views were immaculate, and the wildlife was slightly terrifying. It’s not if, but when will I make my way to Big Sky, Montana. 

Who would be on your dream foursome? 

Stephen Curry, Phil Mickelson, Tony Romo - It’s sad how many times I’ve thought of this scenario. Could you imagine getting to play with three all-time greats in their respective sports? All laid-back guys with endless stories, and each would make my golf game look like I was using a Playschool set. If any of you see this and are up for a $30 round at our local dog track, it’s on me. 

Have you ever had a hole in one? 

Yes, just one, which means I can retire from golf happy. This past spring down at Champions Gate Golf Club in Florida. Walking up to the tee box, I said to my friend, “Do you ever think about where you tee it up? Six inches could be the difference in a hole-in-one.” Less than thirty seconds later, I was tackling him to the ground in celebration. 

What part of your game will you be working on to prepare for the tournament?  

Keeping the ball in play, hitting safe shots is the strategy. With that said, I’ll still be looking to hit bombs like Phil. Focusing most of my practice around shorter irons and wedges while trying to give myself legitimate birdie opportunities. 

What would a win mean to you?  

The way this event is put together is fantastic. I’m excited to get a chance to win money for Pathways Academy for Special Education. With how challenging these last two years have been, I’m thankful that Chubb can continue this wonderful tradition and help countless people. Our community here is one of the best, and we are trying to win this for them and show support. 

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