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A Day In The Life As The VP of Commercial Lines – Andy Clark

A Day In The Life as Worthy Insurance's VP of Commercial Sales

First, I have to say that I admire anyone who can function without coffee in the morning. I am not sure how you do it, but you are amazing. I recently got into brewing iced coffee. I start my morning grabbing a glass of my cold brew and spend some time scrolling through LinkedIn to see what is new in insurance and healthcare. I love seeing what clients and prospects are doing to keep their employees engaged and helping their residents have an excellent quality of life during these challenging times.


Following my caffeine fix and catching up on what is new with my network, I will either get in a quick workout or meditate for a few minutes before jumping in the shower. By this time, I am usually ready for round two of my caffeine fix (I know, I have a problem) and put a plan together for the day. I will prioritize my long-term goals with the to-do list I have and filter those items with my existing calendar commitments. Usually, my day consists of working on submissions/renewals, helping clients with risk management programs, calling on prospects, talking with underwriters/carriers, and educating myself with any industry trends/changes in insurance and healthcare. One of the most extensive focus areas is understanding the senior healthcare landscape, as this is my niche area within insurance. My philosophy is; I would rather be an expert in one industry rather than somewhat knowledgeable in many. Having this focus on healthcare is crucial to understanding my clients’ business needs. Helping me put a policy together that fits their specific needs, which covers risks they will encounter that threatens their longevity.


Another big part of my day is building quality relationships with other professionals within the industry. Having these business relationships is a benefit to everyone involved. When I get potential clients reaching out for insurance coverage outside of my area of expertise, I have relationships with other professionals in niche areas of insurance I can send them to. By having these relationships, I can stay in my area of expertise and give a quality lead to someone who knows how to help the client better. The same goes for the other party; if they know a potential client needs help with insurance in the healthcare industry, they know I am the one to call. Ensuring that no matter what industry the client is in, the relationships I have gained within my circle will have the expertise to provide the best coverage and most quality service possible.


My wife and I are both working from home currently, so we try to enjoy lunch or a short walk together to break up our day and get some extra time together. When my workday comes to a close, I will enjoy an evening cooking with my wife, playing tennis, golfing, catching a basketball game, going for a bike ride or walk, or winding down with some reading of whatever feels right at the time. As many of you likely experience, work may call me back in the evening. But I make sure to always set time aside for family. Most importantly, I make sure my cold brew is ready to go for the following day.



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