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6 Ways to Stay Safe this Holiday Season

Holiday Safety Tips

My favorite time of year is the holidays.  Everyone is cheerful, you get to see most of your family, and the house always smells like balsam or cookies.  We cut down our tree, decorate it, then watch holiday movies and sit by the fireplace all winter long, sipping our peppermint hot chocolate and talking about what we’re most excited for. 

The holidays are here, and while it is exciting and cheerful, it’s important to keep it that way!  Many safety precautions should be taken during the holiday season, both inside the house and outside.  No matter what holiday you celebrate, we can all work together to keep everyone safe this holiday season.   

Turn the lights off  

If you have holiday lights up inside your home, it is important to turn them off when you are not home or going to bed.  It is also important to keep in mind that fresh/real Christmas trees with plenty of water are less flammable than fake ones.   

Make sure the candles are out. 

Candles can explode!  While rare, this can be very serious.  Technically called a candle fire, it becomes an explosion when water mixes with hot wax, close to the candle’s center, the wax splatters everywhere.  When the hot wax splatters and mixes with the fire on the wick, it spreads out to the colder parts of the candle (the edges) and causes the candle to explode.  

Whether it is a Menorah or holiday scented candles, make sure they are no longer burning before you go to bed.  Flames can jump to different objects, so they are clear from anything highly flammable, away from water, and out of reach of children and pets. 

Tripping hazard  

Outdoor lights can be pretty and festive but keep the cords out of walkways.  They can become a huge tripping hazard.  Also, when hanging the lights outdoors, hire a professional, or make sure someone is holding the ladder should you have to climb to hang your lights up.  

Up, up, away!  

Keep breakable objects such as glass ornaments up high or put away.  Shattered glass can be a danger for anyone, but especially children and animals.  

Be careful when opening your door to strangers.  

This time of year, it is quite common for carolers to go door-to-door.  Sometimes, fake electricians or plumbers will come by and say they received a call to come look at your property.  Only invite people in that you know are supposed to be there as many robberies can take place.  Also, make sure your security system works as many homes are broken into around the holidays, scouting out for expensive presents.   

Keep kids out of the kitchen.  

While cooking and baking is a common occurrence around the holidays, keep children out of the kitchen if they are unsupervised or there are hot ovens or stovetops.  Kids are curious and touch everything!   


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