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4 Ways to Recognize Your Employees This Holiday Season

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This year has been incredibly stressful for everyone.  The holidays are a great time to celebrate the year, family, and everything in between.  This year more than ever, it is important to make your employees feel appreciated and cared for.  This can be done in a multitude of ways and would help not only your company culture but the mentality of many employees.  

  • Send a gift basket  

Gift baskets don’t have to be anything fancy.  They simply could be a card with some hot chocolate, a gift card, or the classic fruit basket—just something to make your employees feel as though they are seen and appreciated.  

  • Virtual holiday party  

Because of COVID, large gatherings are not advised.  That’s why we are doing a virtual holiday party this year, and we think you should too!  It can be fun and enjoyable to talk about your favorite holiday traditions or do a gift exchange.  We are doing a white elephant gift exchange during our virtual party.  

  • Dinner party  

Many restaurants remain open.  You could rent out a space to do a little dinner party for your company before the holidays get into full swing.  If this is something of interest, book early as places tend to fill up quickly!  

  • Awards 

Ever seen The Office?  If you have, you’ll know they do the Dundy Awards each year.  Obviously, your employees’ awards should be much more appropriate than the Dundy’s but can still be fun and lighthearted.  If you don’t want to do awards for individualized employees, talk about the awards your company has received this year instead.  


The holidays should bring joy and light to the end of the year, especially the crazy one we’ve had this year.  End 2020 on a good note and celebrate your employees and the success of your company.   

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