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3 Ways to Avoid “Falling” into an Insurance Claim this Season

Leaves to highlight the fall season

When I was a little girl, I rode my bike everywhere.  To my friends’ house, to the ice cream shop, school, you name it, my baby blue bike and I were there.  Fall was my favorite time of year because I could zip through the piles of leaves on the side of the road and watch them fly up all around me.  Luckily, I was never seriously injured from doing this.  Fall can be extremely beautiful with all the leaves changing colors, and the cool brisk air on your skin as you sit around the bonfire.  It’s all fun and games until something severe happens and you have to call your insurance company to file a claim.  Here are three ways to avoid falling into making a claim this brisk, fall season.  

#1: Don’t Go Through Leaf Piles  

If you’re like ten-year-old me, you’d be throwing a temper tantrum about this.  Raking your leaves out of your yard is important so they do not suffocate your yard during the winter.  Leaf piles should be on the side of the road, along the curb away from driveways and walkways.  Driving, walking, biking, or jumping into leaf piles that you didn’t just rake yourself can be extremely dangerous.  Large or sharp objects could be hidden underneath the leaves, causing serious damage to either you, or your vehicle (whether it be a motorized one or not).   

#2 Keep Bonfires at least 10 Feet Away from Your House  

Getting that golden marshmallow to slide between graham crackers layered in chocolate is one of my favorite fall traditions.  It’s a lot more fun when your house is still in-tacked and not on fire.  Keeping bonfires at least 10 feet away from your house will make it less likely for your house to catch on fire, should it jump out of the fire pit.  

#3 Drive Carefully  

Have you ever had to slam on your brakes because the car in front of you was driving like a student driver fresh out of class?  With fall bringing a lot of rain, roads will be slick and reduce your stopping time.  The rain could also freeze with the cooler temperatures and make the roads icy.  Drive carefully all year round, but especially when it is raining so you don’t hydroplane or slide on ice.  


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